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Sunland Park Academy Fun Day 2015

Sunland Park Academy Fun Day 2015 was tailored for the 'do-gooders'. If you did good all year you had a great time at Sunland Park Academy's FUN DAY. The ones that didn't make the cut... they did get to sit and watch. GREAT TIMES!

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Jupiter HS 2015 Graduation Party

Jupiter HS 2015 Graduation Party was a grand celebration. This graduating class of 2015 had plenty of activities to choose from. The Energized Games theater was on hand for some cool gaming on the inside and some hot dancing and karaoke on the outside. Our Laser tag division was also available for everyone to burn [...]

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Israel Fest 2015

This year's Israel Fest 2015 was held at Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton. What a Wonderful time for everyone who attended. There was a large variety of vendors, foods and entertainment on hand for everyone to enjoy. There was something for everyone at this event. The Energized Games Theater was set up inside the [...]

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Allamanda Elementary

This Years FSA testing do-gooders over at Allamanda Elementary had a awesome time in celebration of all their efforts. This years title was " Take a Bite out of FSA" and that's just what they all did! The Energized Games Theater along with the laser Tag crew were available for everyones enjoyment. We had dancing [...]

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Councilman Thomas Field Day

Councilman Thomas Field Day is an annual event that over 8 local schools participate in. Each school challenges the other in special competitions to determine this years winning school. A trophy along with bragging rites is the ultimate prize. The energized Games Theater along with Laser Tag and Bumper Balls were on hand to help [...]

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Pleasant City Elementary Fun Day

This years Pleasant City Elementary Fun Day was enjoyed by teachers and students. Plenty of group activities for the students to celebrate a great school year. The Energized Games theater was there helping out with the high tech entertainment. We had dancing & karaoke on the outside and plenty of Mario and Sonic on the [...]

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Lag Ba’Omer Celebration

This year's Lag Ba'Omer Celebration was an fun filled day for everyone. Held at Currie Park , there was plenty of room for the Energized Games Theater as well as some rolling and bumping with our Bumper Balls. Additional games, a DJ and food were on hand to complete the event. What a time everyone [...]

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