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Laser Tag

Laser Tag Parties have become a worldwide entertainment phenomenon for kids and adults alike. Build teamwork and fellowship with an exciting sport that provides safe and active fun for all ages! Energized Games laser tag is perfect for birthday parties, family & school events, corporate team building/retreats, outdoor activity venues – anywhere with some open space and a group of people ready for some fun. No protective clothing is needed, since the “guns” shoot harmless beams of invisible infrared light and function equally well in light or dark.

In its basic form, laser tag is a competitive shooting game similar in principle to a video game, but far more interactive. Each player has a laser tag gun and wears a sensor headband. The players try to hit members of the opposing team by shooting at the other players’ sensors. Game rules can be simple (free-for-all) or highly complicated (structured teams with specific roles and various special rules). All of our games are tailor made for the type of event we are hosting and we adjust game play to maximize the fun for the participants.

Similar sports include air-soft and paint-ball. However, unlike these sports, Energized Games laser tag equipment work at much longer ranges (up to 500 feet), enabling greater teamwork and complex tactics, while maintaining safety and a family-friendly environment. Because the beams from our guns are completely harmless, Energized Games laser tag is especially beneficial to Schools, public events, and other venues where a larger play-field is possible and families and children are involved. However, the accuracy and range of our equipment is also perfect for highly competitive games, too.

Like many tactical games, laser tag is easy to learn and difficult to master. Reflexes, quick thinking, good strategy, relying on teammates, and athleticism all play a role in becoming a champion laser tag competitor.

Energized Games currently has 20 laser tag units available for play. We also have up to 12 colorful inflatable barriers that can be added to your laser tag arena to create a more complex play field and allow for greater strategies.

A Laser Tag Party is Great for Birthdays, Schools and Large Events.