Bumper Balls are a 4, 5 or 6 foot diameter clear plastic inflatable ball. They contain a cylinder open at both ends through the middle of the ball. Inside the cylinder are straps and handles. The individual climbs inside the cylinder on their stomach, they place their arms through the straps and grab hold of the handles and stand up sliding the straps over their shoulders. They wear the ball on their shoulders just like a backpack and hold on to the handles to steady the Bumper Ball. The ball covers over the top of their head but their legs are outside the ball allowing full control of speed and direction. The individuals can run and bump each other with the balls, hence the name ‘Bumper Balls”. What they can also do… is run, drop the ball and tuck their legs inside the ball. The forward momentum will cause them to do rotations inside the Bumper Ball. The faster they run, the more rotations. The Bumper Balls can accommodate children from about age 6 on up to Full sized adults. Bumper Balls are an amazing amount of fun!


Choose the Small or Large package and prepare yourself for a world turning experience. A crowd of all ages… Get the Full Package! Just add to your Mobile Video Theater or Laser Tag Package Today!

Whether bumping or rolling the Bumper Balls are always a big hit at any gathering. How many consecutive rotations can you do?… Let’s find out!

Bumper Balls