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Energized Games is a totally unique and interactive EXPERIENCE, unlike anything you have ever seen before at a school event. We arrive at your school location with our state-of-the-art Mobile Video Theater Game Truck. The 38 foot, self-powered, wheel chair accessible, climate-controlled theater has all the great gaming systems such as XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii all fitted with age appropriate multi-player games. Group participation is required! You have got to experience our Theater to believe it! Our Mobile Video Theater is one of the Largest in the State and can accommodate around 100 kids per hour.

Energized Games Theater is not only limited to video games, we can also accommodate the students or faculty, and create the environment of a great cinema with 4D effects so everyone can enjoy an ultimate movie experience or any educational material.
All events are conducted by certified Palm Beach & Broward County school system background checked Game Guru’s and we are also a Palm Beach & Broward County approved vendor.

The Inside Theater
The handicapped accessible gaming lounge can seat 16 people in our 4D Chairs complete with vibration effects, flashing lights and rotating laser beams all playing the latest multilayer games in groups or all together! The lounge is also fitted with Smell-a-Vision. Now you can smell the Games you are playing. How awesome is that!

The Outside Theater
Room to stretch out under the awning. For school events, the outside theater is typically used for dancing games. Not only can 8 more people have a controller but also large groups can now all dance together at one time. Warning: Teacher participation is required!

Laser Tag
Don the headband and prepare for all out war! Inside or out with 20 laser tag units and inflatable bunkers there is always plenty of room for large-scale tactics. With games like capture the flag, team against team, last one standing and the all time favorite, hunters against the bunny everyone will find something they like. With the 500-foot laser range there truly is nowhere to hide.

Sumo Wrestling
Two contestants climb into over-sized vinyl suits and are instantly transformed into gigantic Sumo Wrestlers! Get ready for the laughter and fun, because with a blow of the whistle, they are set to battle for the ultimate Sumo supremacy in the ring!
May the best Sumo win!

Bumper Balls
Choose the 4, 5 or 6 foot size and prepare yourself for a world turning experience. Whether bumping or rolling the balls are always a big hit at any gathering. How many consecutive rotations can you do??? Let’s find out!


sackboyHow Can You Utilize Energized Games at Your School?
Students like to be rewarded for their efforts. How about surprising them with a Energized Games visit! We can schedule school events to celebrate the students of the month, accelerated reader, student/teacher appreciation day, FCAT, holiday, end of year celebrations, lock-ins, sporting events, field day, fund-raisers, or simply because you want to surprise your students or staff.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD our full color Energized Games School Flier showcasing all our capabilities.



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