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Mobile Theater

The Energized Games Mobile Theater is a massive Game Truck fitted with all the latest high tech electronic wizardry and capable of delivering an unbelievable video experience wherever it goes. The Mobile Theater is fully self powered but can also plug-in for indoor events. It has a climate-controlled environment and is fully wheel chair accessible.

Lets start with the outside of our mobile theater. So massive, it requires a one ton dually to pull it. From tip to tail our complete rig is 60 feet long and all covered in eye-catching graphics. Quite the spectacle parked in front of your house, school or business just screaming out… a video game party is about to happen here. A bright yellow awning opens up to cover two 55-inch Samsung LCD TV’s capable of displaying video from any of our game systems. The awing keeps the rain and sun from spoiling the fun. We typically use the outside theater for action games such as Dancing, Karaoke and the XBOX360 connect system, but we can play any type of game. Eight players can be engaged at the outside theater, even more if dancing is the game of choice.

Flip open the door to the inside theater and step up into another world full of sights, sounds, sensations and even smells to bring your total experience together. The first thing that comes into view are the beautifully hand crafted seats. One giant custom bench seat fabricated to look like 16  individual automobile bucket seats. They all adult super-sized and complete with headrests. No skimping on space inside our theater. Hidden inside the seats are complete high-powered sound systems with sub woofers, which cause the seats to come alive with the action. Of course when you are seated in them you will literally feel the game. Next up are the big screens. Four Samsung 47-inch LCD TVs delivering unbelievably crisp HD HDMI video for your eyes to behold. Feeding the Big Screens with video are XBOX ONE, XBOX360, Playstation3 & 4 alongwith Nintendo Wii & Wii U systems. XBOX360 and Playstation3 units are also system linked together to allow for 16 players all playing in the same world together. Just try that at home. To complete the experience each TV is fitted with a smell-a-vision system. We have special scent cartridges containing smells that complement your game play.

There you have it… The complete 4D experience, sight, sound, sensations and smell. At the very front of the mobile theater we have yet another Samsung LCD TV displaying a slide-show containing the title of the event. All the screens on the mobile theater are connected to a computer system to be able to display any type of movie or video. How about an unbelievable movie experience at your party or event!

The Mobile Theater/Game Truck contains many more surprises but you will have to experience them for yourself. We can’t give away all our secrets.

Go to our FAQ page to see our current video game library.

The Mobile Theater/Game Truck is Great for Birthday Parties, Schools and any Large or Small Event.